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Below are my Website Development articles that will help you how to create a WordPress website you are proud of.

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Pros and Cons of Using WordPress

Is WordPress the Right Choice for My Website? If you’re thinking about creating a new website or refreshing your current site, you may be contemplating a switch to WordPress. You’ve heard a few good things about it and your friends say that it’s super easy to use but you’re not really sure if it is is a good solution for…

Install WordPress

Once you have created a subdomain for your demo website, you’ll need to install WordPress on it so you can start creating your masterpiece. Assuming you are using cPanel, below are the instructions you’ll need. Install WordPress ► Login to cPanel. ► Scroll down to ‘Software.’ ► Click on ‘QuickInstall’ ► Click on the install WordPress option. ► Choose the URL…

Logging in to WordPress

To log in to your WordPress website, go to replacing ‘’ with your URL. The page will allow you to enter a Username and Password. Once you enter that information and click the Login button, you’ll be taken to the Administration Area or ‘back end’ of your website.

WordPress General Settings

The Settings > General Settings is where I start when I am creating a new WordPress website. I suggest you start there as well since the choices you make here, along with the other sections of the Settings Administration Section will be the foundation of your website. I will start from the top and go down the settings explaining what…

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