About Alisha McFarland

Alisha McFarland is an entrepreneur who has a BA in Communication from Purdue University and started her first successful business in 1998 after working for large financial companies, international non-profits, and universities.

Since then, she has been a consultant who helps artisans create thriving businesses by harnessing the power of technology. She has personally helped many people define, develop, and secure their creative legacies online.

Her Kolbe Index is 7 (Strategize) 7 (Systematize) 3 (Stabilize) 3 (Envision) and her Natural Advantage is Strategic Planner.

Alisha’s Top 5 StrengthsFinders are Learner, Intellection, Responsibility, Connectedness, and Relator. She likes to learn and think, is utterly dependable, considerate, caring, and accepting. Alisha finds deep satisfaction in working hard with genuine people to achieve a goal.

Alisha McFarland 2020