Choose a Website Color Scheme

A set of colors that complement each other is called a color scheme.

The colors look good together and are pleasant to view.

Plus, they speak to who you are and what you are offering.

If you need some help matching colors for your website, Color Combos is a good place to start.

The heart of the site is the Combo Tester, which allows you to see how different color combinations work together on the screen.

If you want to see combinations already put together, check out the Combo LibraryThe library contains hundreds of color swatches, along with their hex color values (which you’ll need once you start building your website).

Color Combos also has a handy color scheme extraction tool called Grab Website Colors. Enter the url from a website, press Get, and you will be ready to work with the palette of colors from that website.

Or you can use the ComboMaker tool to create and share your own color combinations.

If you have a central image you want to work around to build the color scheme for your website, Color Palette Generator is a great tool. You paste the URL of the image onto their website and the tool determines the colors used in the picture.
-It is suggested to view this link in Chrome.

If you just need some inspiration, Pinterest is amazing. Search for ‘color schemes for websites’ or ‘website color schemes’ and you will find plenty of images and color schemes to choose from.

What’s great is that most of them include all of the HEX or RGB codes in the images, so it makes it much easier to utilize the combinations once you decide on something you like.

Choosing a color scheme for your website can be a fun part of your branding and design process.

Enjoy the inspiration and best of luck in finding the perfect website color scheme!