Delete a WordPress Theme

I recommend keeping only your active theme and an extra theme installed on your WordPress site at a time.

This keeps the files to a minimum but gives you the flexibility to quickly switch themes if you need to test something.

If you’re not sure which ‘extra’ theme to keep around, I recommend Twenty Sixteen or any other simple theme made by wordpressdotorg.

So, let’s get deleting!

Delete a WordPress Theme

► Login to WordPress, if you aren’t already.

► Click on Appearance > Themes.

This will take you to the Themes page. Your active theme will be the first listed and say the word, ‘Active’ to the left of the theme title.

► Hover over the theme you would like to delete and the click on ‘Theme Details’

This will take you to the Theme Details page.

► Click on the Delete link in the bottom right corner.

► Click OK on the ‘are you sure you want to delete’ prompt.

Congratulations! You just deleted a theme.