Delete WordPress Plugins

When I have a fresh, new WordPress install, the first thing I go about doing is deleting auto-installed WordPress plugins like Akismet, JetPack and Mojo Marketplace. The majority of them are very bulky and not necessary for most websites. They tend to cause problems too since they make assumptions about what you need and how you want to show things on your website.

Plus, I want to install exactly what I need when I need it so I can find and resolve any issues that may come up along the way. It’s much easier to do that if I intentionally added a plugin and know the sequence of events that led up to the issue.

Of course, if you plan on allowing comments on your blog posts, Akismet is a very good choice as far as plugins go to keep spam at bay along with the other capabilities it provides like monitoring comments and blocking people when they get out of hand. I tend to suggest to my clients not to allow comments, at least initially, so that this sometimes time-consuming task can be distracting if they are just starting out.

I always think it’s best to start with a fresh, clean slate when beginning a new WordPress project and clearing out the plugins is a great way to do that!