In this video, I’m going to highlight the Etsy Design Award Winner, the grand prize winner of 2020, called Adrian Martinez. They are a furniture homewares shop that was chosen by Etsy as the winner of this year’s contest. They win $15,000 and wait until you see what they make. It’s absolutely incredible.

I’m gonna start on their Etsy page and as you can see they’ve already got their cool logo as a winner. They have this beautiful header image of three pieces of their custom furniture that they make. As I mentioned they make furniture art and homeware, even a little bit of jewelry. 

Their niche is that they’re using skateboards. They’re recycling or upcycling skateboards to create all of those different colors within the furniture. 

Looking at their Etsy shop you can see they’ve been on Etsy since 2015. They’ve had a little over 2700 sales. A lot of their pieces are at a very high price point so that’s very successful.

Also noted that they have their website address in the Announcement section, which is handy. 

Then they have 90 different products on display. All of the images are quite nice. Some are a little dark. I think with all of the detail of the pictures, you know especially these, you can tell they had professionally done. Just because they’re so detailed. They’re probably smaller so they’re a little bit easier to put into a photography box.

They have quite a selection. They have two different sections, which I’ll point out on their website, of types of products that they make. But I’ll point that out on their website when we get there. 

So here are some reviews. They’ve got almost 500 five-star reviews. 

As I mentioned they have these cute little stud earrings that they also make. So they make a full kind of price range of products. The furniture being the most expensive of course. They’ve already made an update about their win as this year’s winner. 

Then here in their About section. They have some wonderful photos of what they’re using to make their products. Again they mention their commitment to recycling and upcycling and they have a link to their website right here. 

They’ve done a very good job with their Etsy page and I’m hoping with their win they are going to get a lot of traffic.

Let’s move on over to their website. Their website is using Shopify as it’s platform so it’s pretty simple. Shopify will let you make complicated sites if you’d like. A lot of the Shopify sites that I see they’re pretty minimalist. They stick to just making a shop. They do make them beautiful but you’ll notice as we go through this site it is pretty simplified. 

They have their nice logo. They highlight that they have Free Shipping in the top banner bar. They could maybe have that pop a little bit more with a brighter color. Because it almost makes you think that you’re logged into your website or something. At least it did for me. 

Since they’re based in Canada they have a nice little toggle down over here. To choose which kind of currency you will be paying with so that you can see the prices in the correct currency. 

They have the Home page which I’ll go through in detail in a moment. They have a Shop page. 

They have different Portfolio section. It’s basically just a gallery for each type of product if you want to just look at pictures. 

Then in their, About, they have a sub-menu for their, About us page, their shop policies, and where you can also purchase in person. That’s the Stockist page and then a Contact page.

So let’s take a meander through their Home page. Again they’re using a very nice big slider image on their home page. It highlights their beautiful work and that they are recycling skateboards. You immediately know that that’s what they make.

Then here’s where they divide. They have two different, they call them brand. The Adrian Martinez and then their Pool Product Design which is a woman, I think she’s danish, who works with them and creates these kinds of homeware. If you know which section you want to go to you can choose that there.

Then they go straight into a grid pattern. Gorgeous white space and font by the way that absolutely matches their furniture style. 

It does have a slight hover effect. By just creating an overlay, nothing too fancy. You get an underline, so you know that it’s an active thing, that if you click on it something’s gonna happen. 

If you want to just see a broad range of their products including the homewares you can just scroll through their home page. 

Then their final way of staying in touch with you is for you to sign up for their newsletter and then also their social media links. So again very simple. They do highlight that it’s a Shopify site.

I love it. I think it really speaks to their minimalist designs. Obviously, they really like that look so that makes absolute sense that their website would be similar to that. 

Let’s click on one of these products and take a look at what the experience is like if you’re looking at one of their products to purchase. 

This is a Credenza. They have a lot of photos you can click on. When you hover over that main box, you can zoom in. Not as much as I would hope you could. Because again, I have my glasses on. But I would really love, I guess that’s a lot of detail, I would love to like super duper close-ups. Like maybe that, oh there you go. That’s pretty close, but it’s a little blurry. Maybe doing like a 360 would be really cool too. 

What might also be really helpful is if they showed it against or with a grouping of furniture. So that you could see how big it is. I know they include measurements down here, but it’s hard for me and I believe for other people. To get a sense of how large something is if there’s nothing to compare it to in the picture. So even if you saw like a standard couch or you saw a person. You know like, what looked like an adult person or a child. You could get a better perspective of how large it is. So that you would know in general whether it was going to fit in your space. 

I really like that they included a link to their video. It would have been nice if they could just have embedded the video there. So that you wouldn’t have to highlight it, copy and paste it. You could just take a look. 

Then I also like that if, because of the price point, you have to choose a specific type of payment option. Or maybe you want to see if they have options to make payments for this piece of furniture. You can click on that More Payment Options link and it basically takes you to the cart. Where you know right now that you can either use Shop pay, google pay, or PayPal. Then you can go through the process of giving them your information to purchase that item. 

Now what I don’t like is everything kind of disappears. I don’t know how to get back to where I was. I can click on this, and this is going to take me back to the home page. Which is something at least. But I don’t like that the only thing you can do once you’ve clicked on that link, which is kind of like I just want to see what their payment options are. You’re not able to go back to exactly where you were. Unless you click the back button. Which you know it’s not the end of the world. But it’s not an easy way to maneuver around their site if you’re just poking around and seeing what they have.

I do want to briefly show you this Portfolio section. It’s a beautiful gallery section of their work. If you just want to see it, you know without having all of the distraction of the pricing and all that kind of stuff. It’s a very visually pretty way to display the custom nature of their products. 

Now let’s go to their About page. I want to show you. So this is the woman who works with her and develops the products for that other kind of home section. Let’s see, I think they mention yeah, Ann. She is danish and she does small-batch home goods decor and accessories. 

I really like that they were smart enough to offer people lower price point products and still keep it consistent. Her products that she’s making are consistent with the look and the brand they’ve created. You can see both and they don’t look like they’re disconnected in any way. But if you’re like, yeah I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to shop here, because I can’t afford a six thousand dollar desk or table. You can see things that are just as beautifully done but at a lower price point. 

You can always use these as testers too. If I think I’m really gonna like their work but I don’t want to take that big of a chance by ordering a massive piece of furniture and not liking it. I can order something smaller. Just to see the quality of the work and to see how well they match up with the images they have on their website.

These things are tiny and the images just do them a world of justice. Because you can see, oh my gosh, that detail is gorgeous, the colors are gorgeous, this even moves in closer. That’s incredible! I mean they’re so so simple but if they didn’t have that really zoomed-in look. I think you wouldn’t fully appreciate them.

This is what I was talking about before. I love seeing it on someone’s ear so that I know how big it is. Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve purchased some things on Amazon that looked like one size and clearly stated the size in the description. Yet in my head, it was much bigger or much smaller. Then when I received it I was like, what the heck is this microscopic thing of dish soap? I get a travel size instead of the turbo Costco size that I was expecting. So it can be a surprise.

That’s why I think it’s important for people to show their products in some way that’s consistently available to everyone. Everyone has a hand. Anyone looking at earrings probably has an ear. So they’re going to know right off the bat, oh that’s the exact size I was looking for.

That is They are the 2020 winner of the Etsy Design Award. I think their site is lovely. I think they’ve done a great job staying consistent with their brand. It’s not at all fancy or distracting. It’s just absolutely gorgeous and it goes right along with their high-quality product. I can fully understand why they won the award. 

If you are thinking about using Shopify as your platform for your Etsy seller website or your artisan website I believe this Adrian Martinez is a great example of a foundation that you can use to get going. 

I think there’s a lot more they can do and a lot more you can do. But this certainly gives your customers and visitors everything that they would need to know about you in order to place an order. Even a way to reach out to you if they had a question you didn’t cover. 

Take a look at when you get a chance. If you need some inspiration as an Etsy seller for a Shopify website.

If you have any questions after you take a look at this video. Please feel free to reach out to me at

Thanks so much for watching and have a wonderful day!