In this video, I’m going to highlight the People’s Choice winner of the 2020 Etsy Design Awards.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award is Dani Barbie. She makes handmade jewelry.

Here’s the Etsy award page highlighting her work. 

I’m gonna go straight to her Etsy shop. Just to show you a few things that she’s done that’s very nice. Then we’ll move on to her website. 

This video is just some inspiration for someone who is also an Etsy seller who is thinking about creating their own website and potentially using Shopify. Which is what Dani uses to build a separate website. Where they can also sell their work aside from or in conjunction with Etsy. 

Here is Dani’s Etsy shop. It’s a gorgeous slider at the very top. Showing the type of jewelry that she makes.

She’s been on Etsy since 2013. She has about 8,600 sales and lots of five-star reviews. She’s from Denver Colorado and has done a really good job of just explaining all the ways you can connect with her. In her Announcement section along with her social media links. 

Then she goes straight into all of her jewelry. She has close to 100 products to choose from. They’re all very unique. They seem to be small and dainty. But they’re all with gemstones that are, they look more rough cut, you know manipulated so to speak. I don’t know if that’s the right jewelry term, but they look very kind of Boho Chic to me, but they’re beautiful. 

She’s got almost 1,700 five-star reviews. 

If we scroll on down to her Update section she’s already got her great announcement that she’s the People’s Choice Award for this year’s awards. Which is fantastic news. 

Then we go into her About section and it gives pictures of her working. Gives a little bit about her and how she got started. 

Then thankfully it’s got a link to her website at Let’s go over to her website and take a look.

Like I said, she’s using Shopify. So keep that in mind as we’re looking at her site if you’re thinking about using Shopify as your platform. This is a great example of what can be done with it. 

Right at the get-go, as soon as you get to the site. I left this up so that you could see what a great job she’s done. She has a Pop-Up that entices you to sign up for her VIP List. It includes your birthday. So that gives me the impression that she might give you something special in your birthday month.

If we click away from that. We can go straight into her website. It’s very stylish. She has a black background which screams, to me, luxury. You can use it just like an all-white background. But you can tell with her font choices that she’s going more for kind of a higher-end luxury look. 

She does have this banner up here that’s pink. It doesn’t really stand out other than its contrast with the black. But it’s nice and it’s just an update saying, “Hey our shipping is kind of slow so don’t worry about it, but be aware”. 

Then her Menu Options are very simplified as well. You can do a Quick search if you’re looking for something or you can look at these categories. You can visit her Blog. If you already have an account or you’ve placed an order you can log in here. If you’re shopping you can see how many products you have in your Cart.

She has a beautiful image at the very top. I love how she uses these geometric patterns to link the different sections but she keeps it really clean.

Now she’s converted to kind of an ivory background, it looks to me. But again you can tell with her font choices those are gorgeous luxury fonts. That just really gives you a vibe for the kind of work she’s doing. 

I’m sure that she won a People’s Choice Award because the quality of her work is so high. That is being conveyed also through her choices on her website. So again some really beautiful imagery very close up because I think her jewelry is quite small.

She’s got her Instagram feed showing. But it’s not a big block masonry feed like a lot of the

ones that you see. It actually looks like it’s been part of the website so that’s quite nice.

Then I think it’s great that she’s highlighted via logos of these different publications that have featured her jewelry. 

Again that connection of the sections with her geometric logo is beautiful.

Then she switches back to black for her footer with a very small font. Showing all of the things you might need if you’re looking for something in particular. How you can stay connected with her and again asking if you’re interested in joining her VIP List.

Why don’t we go ahead and take a look at one of her products, maybe not, okay. So here we’re looking at her Amethyst Carnelian Pink Tourmaline Ring. That’s absolutely gorgeous. Her images are bigger than what you normally see. Again I’m assuming because her products are so small. She knows that people are going to need a zoomed-in view.

I do like the pop-up where you can move back and forth instead of having to click on each image. Very well done. All kind of muted beautiful luxury colors. Even her X and the circle that surrounds it look very luxury. 

I like that she uses very descriptive product descriptions. It’s not just like a really, you know, simple thing. She goes into how it’s made, which of the birthstones it covers. Then it gives you the options for different sizes of rings and if there was more than gold it would give you that option. How many you want to order. Of course, it’s gonna highlight any other products you might be interested in. 

Let’s go ahead and add this to the Cart so I can show you what happens. Her shopping cart is beautiful. It’s very spread out. Lots of white space but it’s kind of that ivory background. Which is just gorgeous against the black and goes really well with her logo at the top and the bottom. So it’s all very subtle but easy to read.

Let’s go ahead and check out. She highlights the different ways you can pay. This is a pretty typical Shopify checkout page. You just have to enter your information and then it shows you all of the things that are relevant as you go through the process.

Again, I don’t really like how Shopify basically takes you out into never-never land when you go to checkout. It’s like you can’t go back. You can’t see a header or footer. You’re really kind of just wandering around trying to figure out a way to get back to the site if you weren’t ready to check out. That would be one thing I don’t like. but I think that’s a Shopify thing. That’s not necessarily just Dani’s website. I think that’s just the way they have it set up.

I wanted to briefly show you that she does include a gorgeous Blog section. So that you can get to know her and her products. Things that she wants you to know about the things that she makes or uses to make her products. Again very beautiful imagery. She has quite a few Blog posts.

Then she highlights her Instagram so you can see how she uses the black against that ivory background to really make something pop. 

But if you have a category that you’re looking for she also does a really good job of highlighting the different topics she talks about. As well as the different kinds of shopping collections that she has. 

So, all in all, I think she’s done a really wonderful job of maintaining that kind of high-end Boho Chic look with her website. It’s very minimalist which again goes with her branding. 

I think if you’re looking for something similar. If your products are on the higher end and you just want people to stay focused on shopping on your site. Shopify is definitely a good way to go. 

I think if you wanted anything a little bit fancier, meaning more complicated. It may or may not be adaptable without having to do a lot of upgrades. With their add-ons and their plug-ins. But they’re kind of additional things you can add. Some are paid some are not. It depends on what you want to do. I know you can do that with Shopify. But I tend to see a lot of Shopify sites just using the standard. Just kind of making do with what they have. Which is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that they’re not super complicated.

So here’s Dani. I just wanted to show you a picture of the beautiful woman who has made a successful Etsy shop. Also an absolutely gorgeous Shopify website for herself and her company. She is the People’s Choice Award for 2020 Etsy Design Awards and is a great example of what you can do if you want to build a separate website in addition to your Etsy shop on Shopify. 

If you want to take a look at the website it’s at which is

If you have any questions about this site or anything in the video. Please reach out to me at

Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day!