In this video, I’m going to be giving you some Etsy seller website inspiration if you’re thinking about using WordPress and WooCommerce for your website.

The Etsy seller that I’m focusing on today is called Fox Den Boutique. Also known as Fox Den Decor. They’re from Texas.

They’ve been on Etsy since 2018. Have over 1,000 sales and almost 150 5-star reviews. Keep in mind that they are a furniture maker and so those numbers may seem a little low for Etsy. But when you see their furniture you’ll understand why.

When I went to their Etsy store they are taking a break. A few days ago, that’s when they posted it. So we can’t see the rest of the page like we normally would. But I still want to highlight their website because it’s very well done. 

So here is You can see right away that they work with wood. It looks to me like they make beds and cabinets. You know, things that you might want for your home. So even though their Logo is very cute, it’s a little hard to read because it’s so small. You’ll understand in general that you’re on a site that does something with home items. 

I like that they have a lot of information in their header. This teal banner up here highlights a lot of things that people may be looking for. It gives you access to your account. 

Their menu options are very well done. You can click on a filtered version of the information you want to see if you’re looking for something specific. 

The image is very nice. They could have put in Customize Your Furniture Piece The Way You Want.  Because I think there is a little bit of confusion. At least there was for me. Okay, well what do they make? The sinks or the cabinet? You know like do they do everything or is it just the furniture. So we’ll find out as we scroll down. But I think they could have maybe just added one word and cleared things up pretty quickly.

So let’s move on down the home page. Again, Customize Your Piece. They could be more clear. They’ve done a wonderful job of showing their furniture. 

The photography is well done because you can tell they’ve taken the photo with an angle. You can kind of see it makes it look more 3d and Then they’ve removed any of the background so that the furniture is the highlight. 

You’ll also see as my cursor has hovered. It has an Alt Tag box that pops up, That shows you the name of the bed that you’re hovering over. Which is helpful. I’ll come back to this section. 

I wanted to continue down the home page and show you that as they reveal more information about their products. They are furniture. They also start revealing their price points and the different types of furniture that they offer.

I really love that they use a lot of white space. I love that they highlight they do Custom work. That’s a very clever way to show it.

Their footer is as effective as their header. I like that they’ve filtered out their Help section in a way that will get someone where they’re going to. Much more quickly than just a general help page. 

It gives their Contact information. It lets you subscribe to their newsletter. It highlights that they have all of the legal stuff figured out and that they are also on social.

There’s two little icons over here on the right this is a Help scout icon. Where it will let you chat or get some help. I love that it’s a very easy way to interact with your visitors and give them a personal experience. That not a lot of other websites do offer. 

Then they offer a back to top button. Which is always nice if you’ve gone all the way down a very long home page and you just want to get back up to the menu options.

I did want to come back down to this section to show you. If you click on this Option it takes you to the category of beds that they offer. It’s so well done. You clearly see the furniture. You have a way to filter out the different types of furniture. The color you want.  The style you want. 

I love that when you make a Selection it makes it orange so that it really stands out. It’s brand you know, staying with the orange color in their logo. 

Then you can very quickly filter down to what you may like. Then you can click on this to show the actual product page. Then when you get there you can choose a different size. It looks like they’ve got painted or stained versions.

It has a pop-up so that you could see what it looks like up close. Then you see the price. You can add it to your cart or you can kind of get more information. 

I love that they’ve gone beyond the regular product page and included highlighted aspects of their furniture. Along with a very large image of the piece of furniture you’re looking at.  So that you have a very clear idea of what it’s going to look like. 

Then they give you a way of reaching out to them in case you’re not sure about something. It goes on to suggest other products that are along the same lines of the bed that you’re looking at. Along with the prices. Which can be quite helpful if you’re looking to furnish an entire room. But you have a budget that you are trying to keep to. So, beautiful!  

This is the standard WooCommerce product page. But they have done a lot of work to customize it in very subtle but effective ways. That would make buying something that’s at a higher price point that’s, you know, a pretty big purchase and a pretty big statement of your style. A lot easier than some other sites that I’ve seen. 

So I have already put a couple of things into my cart and when I click on it. They have this really cool kind of sidebar that pops in. It’s a floating sidebar that just shows me what I’ve got in there. 

Just for fun. I can exit out of that and let’s go ahead and add a bed. Just to show you what’s going to happen. It’s going to keep you informed about what you’re spending or you may intend to spend. 

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Cart. One thing they’ve done that I really like is they’ve kept the images very large. Normally with a WooCommerce site, you’ll see everything in a tiny little line and you’ll see a tiny little image. They have not kept that style and I really appreciate it. 

Their furniture is large so why not have large images so that everybody is crystal clear

about what they’re getting. 

One thing they could do, I did forget to mention this on the product page but I’ll mention it’s here. They don’t offer images of their items within a room. I really like that when I’m looking at furniture. Just to get my head around the sizes and to make sure that I’m not buying too much furniture for the room. That would be one suggestion. 

They’ve kind of made up for it on their cart page by keeping the images very large and there’s no question what you’re purchasing. 

Then we go on to the standard other stuff that we get with WooCommerce. The Coupon Codes and the Shipping and all that good stuff.

Let’s proceed to Checkout. I like that they’ve offered a Social Sign-in or Returning Customer that makes it very simple for people to log in and then it will autofill all this information. So that you don’t have to type in so much. Then it gives you one more chance to enter a Coupon Code. 

I like that they put this here. But I don’t think it stands out as much as it, in my opinion, should. 

Because shipping furniture back and forth could be quite costly. If you didn’t understand what their return or policies are. There could be some negative feelings if things don’t go the way you had hoped they would. 

So that is another opportunity that they could take. In making the process and their policies and potential processes. You know the potential things that could happen much clearer. Before someone puts in their credit card information. 

They could put just the highlighted paragraphs. If they have a policy of like no return policy, which they don’t. If they have something that is potentially going to cause a lot of people grief or money. If it’s going to cost somebody money. There’s no harm in highlighting that before someone gets excited and starts putting in their information and credit card number. 

They may do that. I don’t know, obviously, I’m not putting in my credit card number. They may have pop-ups that do that. But why not make sure at every turn that someone understands what they’re responsible for. What they’re going to be responsible for when it involves very large costly items. 

Overall they’ve done a wonderful job of having a very consistent expectation of what happens when you put something in your cart and when you go to check out.  So by no means is there anything wrong with their process. It’s just a couple of things they could improve.

So that is and they built their website on WordPress. They are using WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform. 

They’ve done a great job of looking as professional as their business seems to be run. I think they’re doing so many good things with their website that it’s a wonderful inspiration for other Etsy sellers. Especially those who are selling large items, to use as an example of how to do things in a way that makes the process easy for your customers. 

If you’re an Etsy seller and you’re thinking about using WordPress and WooCommerce. Please take a look at and steal some of their great ideas. 

Then give them a heads up and say thank you. Tell Jamie that she did a wonderful job and I’m sure she would appreciate it. 

Thanks so much for watching. If you have any questions after you’ve watched this video please feel free to reach out to me at  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

 Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day!