In this video, I’m going to be highlighting Kelea’s Florals. She’s an Etsy seller who also has a website on WordPress. I wanted to show you her website if you needed some inspiration being an Etsy seller yourself, and are considering using WordPress as your platform.

Let’s start here on her Etsy shop and then we’ll move on to her website. Kelea’s Florals is based in Sugarland Texas and she’s been on Etsy since 2013. She sells Spring Wreaths, Silk Flowers, and Floral Supplies.

She has almost 29,000 sales and almost 6,000 five-star reviews. She’s doing really well. She has a very well done Etsy shop. She has over a thousand products listed here.

She has about 1600 listed on her site, but you’ll notice that all of her images are really clear. They’re really colorful. They show you the different textures of the ribbons and the materials. It just gives you a very good idea of what you’re getting.

Because I know with these kinds of crafts it’s super important to know kind of what things are going to feel like or look like. How they’re going to match up with the other things you might want to put with the project.

Like I said, she’s got almost 6,000 five star reviews and some of these images just blew me away. I mean, wow, who does this for Halloween? I am beyond impressed that somebody came up with this and used her products to create such a masterful Halloween fireplace mantel. I didn’t even know that was possible, but they did an amazing job.

If we move on down to her Update and Profile. She does a great job of showing some seasonal updates to give people some incentive to buy some of her products.

Then her profile is pretty short and sweet but it does highlight that she has her own website here. Then she includes a link to the website in her link section as well.

Let’s move on over to That’s k-e-l-e-a-s dot com. I’m just gonna go from the top to the bottom of the home page first. To show you all of the wonderful things that she’s doing with WordPress and woo-commerce.

These top two banners are a great idea. I like that they’re multi-colored. It makes the information stand out and from the get-go, you know if you buy more than a hundred bucks worth of stuff you’re going to get Free Shipping. That’s always a nice incentive

But if you’re a return customer, this pink banner up here gives you everything you need in order to reach out if you have a question or to Log In and see your own account information.

Her menu is very simple. The only one that has a drop-down is her shop, for obvious reasons, because she’s got a lot of different categories.

From the beginning, you know that she’s all about floral design and home decor items and supplies. Because she makes it very clear here. This is what she’s selling.

She does have another option other than the products. Which is her Design School, which she highlights here. We’ll go into more of that in a bit.

Each of her sections she has very clearly defined by using this branded headline. Then she uses some different sized boxes to show that she’s focusing on hot Fall and Holiday items right now.

She has a Featured Items list that shows some more Christmas stuff that’s coming up, but she does include some Fall items.

Then she has these cute little clip arts of flowers throughout the site. That again just re-emphasizes her branding.

Here’s a nice yellow pop of color that highlights her Design School. That’s so different from what she offers from the products. Obviously, it’s a product in itself but it’s more of a service. I like that she used the bold color to highlight that it’s different than the other things that she’s offering. That it’s more like a membership thing and it just looks really well done. It highlights that yellow in the design school.

Then she’s got a wonderful Blog with even more inspiration. I mean this wreath, how freaking cute is that! All of her things are just so adorable.

She offers not only the supplies to make them, but the inspiration and the instruction for how to make them.

Then, of course, she’s on Instagram. She’s come up with her own little hashtag called Bloomerino’s which is cute.

Then these images are just so well done. I love that in this image, this video, she’s even made her own handmade block that she can place in her videos. Or on her photos so that it’s very clear where you go to purchase.

In her footer, it’s very simple and very clear. I love her use of white space so that you don’t ever feel like you’re getting lost.

The only thing that’s not white or black are these gorgeous images of her products and the projects you can make.

You may have noticed just as I was scrolling down and as I’ve been scrolling down. There’s a little thing that pops up over here in the bottom left-hand corner. That’s a plug-in that you can install on WordPress that highlights the activity on your website.

So in this case, 134 people are looking at this Birch Tree Bark Ribbon, right now! It kind of makes it more interactive for you if you’re like, “God am I the only one who wants this stuff ?”. No, you’re not the only one. There’s 134 people looking at this one product on her site.

You know that she has a viable business. That there are other people who are shopping with her that built her reputation.

It makes you more comfortable to purchase something directly from her site in case you’re somebody who’s just gone with her directly through Etsy. It just makes it kind of fun.

You know, I think it can be a little distracting if you know exactly what you want. But mostly it says, Hey, you’re in the right place. Things are happening here and you want to be part of this. So it does its job in kind of creating some excitement.

Now we’re here on her Shop page again. Consistent branding with the headline. She highlights that she offers Free Shipping.

She uses her little flower clip arts.

She has a way you can filter the products.

You can sort the product. All of them are in this lovely grid. So it’s very easy to see.

The only thing I saw that I didn’t think she took advantage of is she doesn’t have any kind of hover effect. It doesn’t zoom in so that you could see this in more detail or flip over to another image. That can really make it more fun for someone. Especially since a lot of these products that she offers are very detailed.

If you didn’t necessarily want to click through, but you wanted to see something closer, like me. Because I can’t see very well. That might have been a nice way to upgrade the experience.

Also making sure that your product images are showing is another big thing you want to make sure is happening. This little box right here is just the placeholder that woo-commerce uses when you create a product but haven’t uploaded a new product image. So she may just be in the process of updating the site.

Let’s click on a product and take a look. So I’ve clicked on her Candy Cane Christmas Gingerbread Swag. That’s cute. What she’s got here in her description, I love her use of that consistently branded font, she’s showing that it’s a range of prices. This particular project requires all of these things in order to pull it off. Then it also involves ribbon.
The one really cool thing you can do with WordPress and woo-commerce is you can create these lists on the same product page. So that people don’t have to go to all 15 or 20 of these product pages and look. You know like, go to that page buy it, go to that page buy it. They literally can just change the amount.

Let’s say they wanted two of those or they wanted just one or they don’t want that at all. It gives them the ability to do it in a way that’s way easier and faster. Then you’re done.

So literally like, let’s just say she’s told me I needed one of each except for three gingerbread men. Again you know she says that but maybe I want four and maybe I don’t want any of this other stuff. I already have glue sticks so I don’t need to do this.

If I click on, Add to cart, then it’s going to add all of those.

Oh, hold on a second, something’s out of stock. Okay, there are all kinds of things that happened.

It looks like one’s out of stock and okay, some of this stuff went to the view cart. Then it’s just telling me that I’m in the U.S. because it checked my IP address.

Okay, nothing too big of a deal although the pink kind of makes me freak out that I did something wrong. But basically, I couldn’t get one thing.

But if I go to the View cart then in one click I was able to order eight items.

Then I can see the pictures here.

I could go to that page if I want to make sure I really want those or they’re the right size, etc. etc.

I can use the X to delete them.

I can Apply a Coupon.

I can Continue Shopping. All kinds of things.

This is all standard woo-commerce functions and this cart is pretty standard. It shows you other things you might be interested in.

It shows you the Shipping, your Subtotal. All that good stuff.

All of the different ways that you can pay her.

Let’s go back out of the shop and take a look at her About page. So here is Kelea and she briefly explains that she, with her mother and grandmother, were very interested in creating crafts and home decorating floral designs. Then when she had her daughter she had to move things online. She doesn’t clearly indicate whether she had the website first or Etsy shop.

Down here it says 2018 and on Etsy, she started in 2013. I’m assuming she had the Etsy page and shop and that did really well. Then she created her own WordPress site a couple of years ago.

I just wanted to show you a picture of Kelea. The person who is responsible for this beautiful site.

The site that you can use for inspiration if you’re considering using WordPress and woo-commerce to create a site separate from your Etsy shop.

So that you can take advantage of repeat business.

Getting new customers in another way, or just kind of piggybacking off of your shop. To make the process easier and to control what your customers see a lot more than what they experience on Etsy.

Kelea has done a wonderful job here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have any questions after viewing this video please reach out to me at

Thanks so much for watching and have a wonderful day