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This video shows you how Mimi Green – a very successful Etsy Seller – is using WordPress and WooCommerce to create an incredible website that any Etsy Seller can use for website inspiration!

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Hi, everyone, this is Alisha Mcfarland from

In this video, I’m going to show you an Etsy seller who is doing an amazing number of sales who is also using WordPress for their website.

This is Mimi Green’s Etsy page. They’ve done a fantastic job with the header image. They have some nice description – letting you know Covid is affecting shipping. They have a ton of products and really great images.

I’m going to scroll down quickly so you can see. I was trying to go quickly!

Lots of great reviews. Almost 14,000 5 star reviews. Obviously, they’re doing lots of things right.

They even have a profile section with their email and a direct phone number, along with all of the people who are helping create all of their products.

I did want to point out a couple of things.

I don’t see a website link here. This makes me curious why they wouldn’t want to promote their website since that is allowed on Etsy.

They don’t make any reference to it in their profile down at the very bottom or at the very top. Which is where I’ve seen a lot of people do it.

Sometimes they’ll include, you know, just a snippet saying, we also sell directly on our website, and here’s the website address with a link. Which again, is okay with Etsy. That’s just a couple of things that made me curious why they weren’t taking advantage of that.

Going to their website I wanted to show you all of the amazing things that they are doing. If you are a customer that knows they have their own site and you want to shop directly with them, it’s at If you go to it will automatically redirect you.

They have done a wonderful job. If you want to use this as an example of what is possible with WordPress for an Etsy Seller, making artisan products, this is a wonderful example.

As you can see they use tons of very appropriate imagery including photos that their customers are sending in.

They’re making sure that they can stay connected with you through signing up for a newsletter.

Then they give you all the tools you need to understand their products and doing business with them.

But again, no reference to their Etsy page. I’m not sure why they’re wanting to keep everything so separate. I’m sure there’s a very good reason.

Normally if you’re doing both Etsy and a website there is at least, you know, a small link down here so that people know you also sell on Etsy. Because there are some people who just prefer to go
through Etsy instead of buying directly.

You can also see they have a Chat down here in the lower right-hand corner.

As I moved away from the window they have this adorable pop-up that entices you to sign up for their list.

Overall Mimi Green is doing a fantastic job with their website.

I did want to briefly point out a couple of other things.

How they have their menu options set up is amazing. It has a very easy, user-friendly way of finding what you need if you’re coming back to buy more or you just want to see the plethora of options that you have with their products.

Now, for example, let’s just go to one of the products.

I want to show you what the WooCommerce with WordPress looks like.

So again, there are lots of ways to filter out and categorize certain things so that your customers can find exactly what they need.

See how beautiful that transition is. You can show multiple images without anyone even clicking – they’re just hovering over it.

Then if you did want to click on it, it’s going to give you lots of options to zoom in and see the high quality. You’re going to be able to see other images of different products. You can choose different sizes. It just goes on and on and on.

This is all part of WooCommerce which is a plug-in made by Automatic which is the
company that originally made WordPress. They know how things can work together really well.

It’s just completely customizable so that your customers can use it easily. Also, find the information that they need when they’re looking at all of the things that would make a buying decision.

That’s Mimi Green’s WordPress website and WooCommerce doing an amazing job – totally rocking it!

If you want to use this as inspiration for your website or If you do not have one, but you’re selling on Etsy, I really strongly suggest that you look at what they’re doing in more detail and use it as a very good example of what is possible for your website.

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Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day!

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