In this video, I’m gonna give you some inspiration as an Etsy seller if you’re considering creating a website using Squarespace.

I found a very successful Etsy seller called Modern Maker Stamps. Sarah’s been around for a while. She’s been on Etsy since 2010 and she has close to 24,000 sales. She has done a very good job.

We’re looking right now at her Etsy seller shop and she’s done a really good job with her header. She points out that she has her own website at and that she’s also on social media. 

It looks like she has all of her products on Etsy as well as the website, which I’ll show you in a sec., and then all of her images are quite nice. I think it’s very clever that she shows the stamp along with what it’s going to stamp in the image. It looks very consistent and professional. 

She’s got lots of rave reviews and she again mentions down here, that she has a website you can shop at.

Now, let’s go on over to her website You’ll notice that her header on her website matches exactly the header on her Etsy page. This is super clever because you want people to immediately know they’re working with the same person, they may have purchased through Etsy with when they go to this website. 

So, let’s say, for example, you’ve ordered a stamp from Sarah on Etsy. Inside the box, she put a little business card or postcard or a stamped piece of paper that says, “Hey, you’ll get 10 percent off if you order or reorder through my website,” and then includes her website address. 

If someone were to type in and go to the site. They would immediately know that they’re working with Sarah. Not someone else that might be doing something similar. So, I think that’s really smart on her part to make sure that that matches

Then also, you’ll see up here on the banner that she offers free shipping for any U.S. orders over $35.00. That’s very smart because that’s what someone would probably be expecting if they purchased through Etsy with her before. 

So the first thing she offers you is to Shop Now. Pretty smart since people are going to want to see what she has for sale.

 I’m going to keep on going down the home page. You’ll see this cute little kind of dotted, I guess gauge is the word I’m thinking of, to show you how far you’ve gone and how far you have to go on the home page. It kind of gives you an idea of how much you’re going to see.

She’s got some cute little animations, nothing too obnoxious or annoying. She does a really good job to kind of present all of the things that she has to offer.

She does some reputation building by showing who she’s been featured with or her products have been featured in. 

Then she highlights, I love this, I think this is really smart. She highlights what makes her stamps awesome. So I would imagine it’s probably a pretty competitive market to make stamps. But you know, I don’t know what makes one stamp different from another. Right off the bat, she gives people all these really good reasons why they should buy her stamps versus someone else. 

So for example, if you did know a lot about stamps and you were kind of price shopping or you were quality shopping. Or you’re just trying to find something that, let’s say is a wood top handle, boom! Right there you would know you’re in the right place and that she offers what you need. 

Then, of course, she offers the option to go shop, and then she’s got a pretty simple footer. It’s got all the goodies you want. She shows that she’s on Instagram and other social media platforms. She gives you a way to reach out to her and then links to her other pages.

I’m just going to hop on over to her shop to show you what this looks like. Reminder, this is on Squarespace. Squarespace has a lot of templates. It’s not going to give you as much freedom or control compared to something like WordPress or another platform that is completely flexible. However, it still looks quite nice, I think.

It gives her a chance to categorize the different types of stamps that she offers by shape and pattern. Then the images are again in a grid pattern. If you hover over them it shows you what they’re called and the price point that they start at. It’s kind of fun just to scroll down and see what she’s got. I mean these are really cool and it clearly shows right off the bat that you can go do a custom stamp. If you want to use these for your logo they would certainly work. That’s really more about what she’s trying to offer so her shop is pretty comprehensive.

If I go to her About page you notice that I haven’t said anything about Etsy so far. Other than she’s mimicked or stayed consistent with what she’s got on Etsy. 

If you read her About page. She started on Etsy and then she realized when she was shopping or going to be shipping out her product she was sending it in this blaw box. That’s where her inspiration came from for making these packaging stamps.

 I find it really interesting that she started on Etsy and that she’s obviously doing very well on Etsy still. But she doesn’t have any link to her Etsy shop. I think she’s probably trying to make that transition away from Etsy. I don’t think she’ll ever leave. Which you know, why should you if you have customers who are finding you there? It’s making financial sense to do that. But I don’t think that once somebody comes to her site she wants them to go back to Etsy. So that could be why she’s not making any reference to it, whatsoever, other than on her About page. Then she doesn’t offer any links that I could find. 

The only links that she does offer are her Blog. Which I will hop on over to right now, which is beautiful. She obviously really loves what she does and she’s very professional about it. She understands the importance of branding. 

Again, that was the whole reason why she got into making the stamps. She’s done a wonderful job of just showing people how they can use her stamps, to create a very unique experience for their company and for their customers. So, that is

This is some great inspiration for anyone who is interested in creating a website. Who’s an Etsy seller who wants to create a website on Squarespace. This is a wonderful example of it. If you like this you can take a look at her site at and say “Hello” to Sarah and thank her for the inspiration if you decide to go with something on Squarespace.

If you have any questions about this video after you’ve watched it. Please feel free to reach out to me at  Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day!