GeneratePress Customizing Set Front Page

If you are using the GeneratePress Theme and have uploaded the Add Ons plugin and activated all of the options, the Set Front Page option is the first section you’ll see when you click on the Customize link from a page or post.

The ‘Set Front Page’ section is a duplicate of a setting you can also change in the Reading Settings.

Your choice dictates what the ‘front’ or ‘home’ page of your website will be; either your latest posts or a static page of your choosing.

To select one, click on the radio button to the left of the choice.

If you choose ‘A static page’ two drop-down menus will appear and give you a choice to choose which page you would like for your Front page and which you would like for your Posts page.

If you do not want to include a Posts page, leave it on ‘–Select–‘ for now.

If you change this while you are in the Customize mode you will be able to see how the change affects the look of your website.

Congratulations! You just set the front page of your website using the Customizing feature in WordPress.