How to Get More Subscribers | Episode 3

This is the third in a series of 7 articles I have created with suggestions for How to Get More Subscribers. If you haven’t read or listened to the previous episodes yet, view them here:

Episode 1 | Prominent Calls to Action (CTAs)

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In this article, I’m going to be talking about Lead Magnets to get more subscribers.

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Using Lead Magnets

A Lead Magnet is an incentive you offer to your website visitors so that they subscribe to your list. You’ll also here people call them a Content Upgrade or an Opt-in.

Examples include a free ebook, a checklist, a cheatsheet, a step-by-step guide or a free chapter of your book.

In addition to creating an incentive for people to subscribe, having a lead magnet can help you…

…become a credible source for helpful information.

…build trust.

…create a sense of reciprocity.

…create good will.

…show you care about your visitors.

…bring people closer to becoming a customer.

Deciding on What to Offer

To be effective, your lead magnet has to be relevant to your visitors needs and offer a solution to a specific problem.

It should give them a ‘quick win’ and solve their issue in less than 15 minutes.

In order to figure out the best lead magnet for your visitors, answer these questions:

  • Who is it that you are trying to reach?
  • What is the problem they are trying to solve?
  • What is the most common question you get asked by your social media followers or clients?

If your lead magnet answers these properly, it will show that you understand your visitors’ pain points, or at least one of them, and they will be more likely to subscribe.

Creating a Lead Magnet

Good news! You don’t need to ‘start from scratch’ when creating a lead magnet.

Really good lead magnets are usually slightly modified versions of something that you have already created.

They can be written content, images, video or audio.

They can also be offers of your time, access to a private Facebook page or password protected content on your website.

If you can’t think of something that fits the bill, look in your archives. Find a popular blog post or article you have written and create a fancier or summarized version of it.

Make it a bite-size chunk of goodness.

Make it look snazzy. If you aren’t a designer, hire someone.

Most of all, don’t disappoint. Ask yourself if you would feel satisfied if you had just given your email address and received it in your email inbox.

Final Thoughts

The short term goal of any lead magnet is to get people to sign up but the long term goal is to have them stay once they are subscribed.

Giving them something that is a ‘one and done’ kind of proposition isn’t likely to help you build a long term relationship with your subscribers.

In addition to giving them something immediately, think about creating an automated series of emails (separate from the blog posts you will send them) that will go out over a specific amount of time that speak to the original issue but expand on it and continue to offer them solutions (I’ll be talking about this in more detail in Episode 5).

Surprise your visitors with value.

It will win you subscribers and long term fans every time!

Next week, I’ll be talking about using Inspirational Images to capture more subscribers.