How to Get More Subscribers | Episode 5

This is the fifth in a series of 7 articles I have created with suggestions for How to Get More Subscribers. If you haven’t read or listened to the previous episodes yet, view them here:

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In this article, I’m going to be talking about using a Content Series to get more subscribers.

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Using a Content Series

Not everyone is interested in reading a long article, even if it is full of great information. Unless we have sat down with a book, most of us prefer to get our information in small doses. This is especially true when it comes to emails, blogs and articles on the internet.

When we’re wading through the mountains of information available to us, we tend to scan quickly to determine if we want to make an investment of our time to read it in detail. Then, if it looks promising, we might take the time to bookmark it so we can read it later.

A series of content can work with these scanning and procrastinating tendencies by making your information helpful and interesting enough to your readers to help grow your subscription list.

It does this by offering your readers a series of short articles on a topic that aren’t overwhelming. It builds desire and anticipation. It makes subscribing attractive enough to prompt action.

Subscribing to a series of content gives your readers the advantage of continuing to receive your information without any additional work on their part.

Plus, it shows your visitors that you are creating content that is easily digestible and you are proactively creating that content that will help them. There’s a valid reason for them to subscribe AND to stick around.

Have a strong call to action that highlights that they don’t want to miss out on the entire series within each of the articles to seal the deal.

How You Can Create a Content Series

Find a topic that you know your readers would be interested in, that is a bit more complex or has a number of steps required to complete a particular action or achieve a goal.

Then break up the information into logical, sequential chunks that guide them through the process and help them achieve the goal you establish in the title of the series.

It doesn’t have to be a long series, the articles just needs to be related and/or build on one another to help your readers go from Point A to Point B.

The frequency of your series is also up to you. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Whatever makes the most sense for the content and for your readers. Start with something short and build on that until you find the perfect combination of content and frequency for both you and your readers.

Make sure to suggest actionable items in each article so they can follow along and take similar action. This will help them associate your information with success and make it more likely that they stay subscribed and recommend you to others who can benefit too.

Next week, I’ll be talking about using Your Secondary Point of Connection to capture more subscribers.