Install WordPress

Once you have created a subdomain for your demo website, you’ll need to install WordPress on it so you can start creating your masterpiece.

Assuming you are using cPanel, below are the instructions you’ll need.

Install WordPress

► Login to cPanel.

► Scroll down to ‘Software.’

► Click on ‘QuickInstall’

► Click on the install WordPress option.

► Choose the URL you would like to install it on.

► Leave the path box empty.

► Enter an Admin Email address.

► Enter the Blog Title.

Don’t worry, you can change this later if you want to.

► Enter the Username.

Please, please, please do NOT use Admin as your username. Hackers love when people are generic or lazy.

I recommend using something a little more unique but memorable to you.

► Click the Install WordPress button.

You’ll see a status bar as it installs and you should see a Congratulations, the software was installed successfully confirmation message.

Congratulations! WordPress is now installed on your URL and you can start creating.

Here are directions on how you can login to WordPress.

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