Import Subscribers to MailChimp

Please note: This article assumes you have a MailChimp account. If you haven’t created a MailChimp account yet, please go to and click on the Sign Up Free button before proceeding.

There are three options for importing data into MailChimp; Comma Separated (CSV) files, Excel files or directly from an integrated application.

Again, I’m going to make a disclaimer about less-than-reputable lists. MailChimp will only import your list if it believes it is safe. If it can’t verify that the list is safe, the import will stop.

Even if you are successful in importing the list but there are a higher-than-average number of subscribers clicking on the Unsubscribe or Spam buttons, your account could be blocked.

So, please don’t do it.


Let’s move on to importing a list.

Import Subscribers to MailChimp

► Click on the list you want to import to so that you are looking at the list of subscribers.

This will likely be empty and MailChimp will show a notice saying, ‘You have no subscribers’ along with a link to import them or create a signup form.

But before we do that, let me know show you a quick tip…

► Click on the Add subscribers > Add subscriber menu option.

This will open up the Add subscriber page.

► Enter YOUR information.

This will add you to the list so that you be a ‘tester’ of everything that is sent out.

► Open the list again using the Lists menu option at the top of the page.

You should see that MailChimp now shows one subscriber. Woo hoo!

► Open the Excel file that contains your list, then highlight and copy the cells with the information you want to import.

► Go back to MailChimp, click on Add subscribers > Import subscribers.

This will open up the ‘Where do you want to import subscribers from?’ prompt.

► Select ‘Copy/paste from file.’

► Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.

This will open up the ‘Copy/pasted file’ page.

► Click inside of the Paste subscriber info box and Paste the information.

► Click the box next to ‘I understand that my billing plan may be automatically upgraded.’

► Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.

This will open up the ‘Import subscribers’ page.

► Click on the ‘Make a selection’ drop down in each box and select the appropriate field name and click Save.

► Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.

This will open up the ‘You’re all set to import’ page.

► Select the appropriate category for these subscribers.

The most common category is ‘Subscribed.’

► Click on the ‘Auto-update my existing list’ box if you think there might be any overlap in your lists.

► Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.

This will begin the import. Depending on the size of the file you are importing, it can take a short or long amount of time.

► Click on the list to confirm that everyone was added.

Congratulations! You now have a subscriber list in MailChimp.

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