Remove Your Visits From Google Analytics Results

Google Analytics lets you use filters to control how and which data appear in a view. They can help you normalize or segregate data.

One of the best ways to use filters is to remove your IP address so that your data is not inflated by your personal visits to your website.

How to Remove Your Visits From Google Analytics Results

  1. Get your IP address. You can do a quick google search for “IP address” or go to The number is always a set of four numbers with each having a maximum of three numbers;
  2. Login to Google Analytics and click on the Admin menu.
  3. Click on Filters in the View section (far right).
  4. Click on the +Add Filter button.
  5. Type in a descriptive name for the filter. For example, “Filter Alisha’s Home IP Address”
  6. If Predefined Filter is not already selected, select it.
  7. Select “exclude”, then “traffic from the IP addresses” and “that are equal to”
  8. Copy and paste your IP address into the box.
  9. Click Save.

You should filter your home and work IP address if that is where you are accessing your website most often.

If you want to make sure that your filter is working, check out my Testing a Google Analytics IP Address Filter blog post.