Occasionally, WordPress will be changed and they will notify you that you need to install the updated version.

Here is how I safely update WordPress.

Step #1 Create a Backup of Your Website

→ Log in to your WordPress website as an Administrator.

→ Go to the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

If you don’t have this installed yet, install it. This plugin has saved me countless times.

→ Click on Export, Export to and File (or one of the cloud storage options).

This will start the process of backing up your entire site.

The box content will change from Preparing to Export, Retrieving List of All WP Files and Archiving.

When it reaches the Archiving step, it will show a percentage.

Let it run. Be patient. Go check Facebook while you wait.

→ Click on Download in the green pulsing box.

This will open a Save window.

→ Save the .wpress file somewhere in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services).

I strongly recommend you do NOT save it to your hard drive since they can fail.

Wait for the download to complete. Otherwise, you run the risk of not having a complete file in case you need it.

Once that is done, you can rest easy, since you know you have a complete backup of your site in case anything goes awry in the next few steps.

Step #2 Update WordPress

→ Click on Dashboard, then Updates.

→ Click on the Update Now button.

Be patient as it installs. It will provide updates as it works through the process. When it is complete, you will see a message saying, “Welcome to WordPress 4.x” They usually include a video that highlights the new features.

→ Look at your site to make sure it still looks how you intended.

If you see something you can’t fix, and WordPress cannot help you resolve the issue, use the backup you made to revert your site to the previous version until you can find a solution to the issue.