ShareaSale Affiliate Links

Once you have been approved for a ShareaSale account, you will apply to programs to become an affiliate.

Once you have been approved for a program, you will be allowed to generate and share text links, banner ads and various other ways to potentially persuade your website visitors or social media followers to click on them and purchase.

Here’s how to add ShareaSale Affiliate Links to your website.

► Login to ShareaSale if you aren’t already.

► Click on Links > Get a Link / Banner.
This will take you to a list of programs for which you have been approved to be an affiliate.

► Click on Get Links for the program you want to use.
This will take you to a list of links, banner ads, etc. for that program.

► Click on the tab for the type of link you want to use.
The types of links will depend on the program. Text Links and Banner Ads are the most common.

► Click on the Example Link to see where the visitor will go if they click on it.
This will help you decide if the wording or ad is appropriate for your use.

► Once you have found a Text Link or Banner Ad you like, click on the Get HTML Code link on the far right.
This will open a box underneath it that contains HTML code.

► Highlight all of the code in the box and copy it.

► Go to the Page or Post on your website where you would like to place the Text Link or Banner Ad.

► Click on the Text tab in Edit Mode.

► Paste the HTML code in the content box.

► Click on Visual Tab to see what it looks like.

► If you like how it looks, click Update or Publish to save the changes to your Page or Post.
When people visit this page or post and click on that link, ShareaSale will have the information it needs to track your commissions.