Testing a Google Analytics IP Address Filter

You can verify most types of filters before you save them using the Verify this filter feature. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to verify an IP address filter in this way.

You can, however, use the Google Tag Assistant Chrome browser extension to record a flow on your website that sends hits to your website.

The extension has a Google Analytics report that can show the effects of any filters set for your view.

Testing a Google Analytics IP Address Filter with Tag Assistant Recordings

  1. Open a Chrome browser window.
  2. Install the Google Tag Assistant extension.
  3. Record and analyze a flow that might happen for someone to get to your website.
    1. Open up a new window and go to Google.
    2. Click on the Google Tag Assistant icon in the upper right corner of your browser.
      1. If this is the first time you are using it, you will have to click on the Enable button.
    3. Click on the Record button.
    4. Reload the page to begin recording.
    5. Search for something that will bring up your website.
    6. Click on your website and a couple of pages for good measure.
    7. Click on the Google Tag Assistant icon again, then click Stop.
  4. Click Show Full Report.
  5. Select the Google Analytics Report tab.
  6. If you are checking from the IP address that you filtered, you should see 0 hits. If you are checking from some other IP address,
    1. Click Change location in the left hand menu panel.
    2. Enter the IP address you expect your filter to exclude.
    3. Click Update.Tag Assistant Recordings will reanalyze your report as if the hits came from the IP address you entered. If you set up your IP filter correctly, then the report should show all hits to this view filtered out.