Using blog posts helps construction management company maximize the value of their past projects

Moline Construction Management, Inc, headquartered in Addison, Texas, has been working on commercial projects for over 30 years. They were struggling with how to update their website to let people know about their long history and many commercial projects. I helped them solve these problems by using blog posts to highlight their latest projects and give visitors a visually appealing way to get an overall sense of the type of work they specialize in. This increased the SEO value of their website by adding 15 posts full of keywords and content that potential clients may use to search for their services. The mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate homepage pulls in the visitor with an appealing background movie while providing important information in sections about their company ending with contact information so interested parties can reach out. was created in 2018 using the GeneratePress theme and Reesehost hosting.

If you are struggling with how to highlight the types of work your business provides online, please schedule a 20-minute call to discuss how we can use a similar strategy to maximize the value of your past projects.