Using subdomains helps entertainment company maximize the benefit of an additional physical location and streamline their reservation process

Jennifer and Ann are the owners of 417 Escape Artist in Springfield, Missouri. They were struggling with how to update their website to let people know about their second location in Branson, Missouri and make the online reservation process easier for everyone. I helped them solve these problems by using subdomains for each location and then using the main domain as the portal for people to choose which location they wanted. In addition, I replaced the Woocommerce Booking process with Acuity Scheduling which reduced the administrative burden of handing two locations several miles apart and dealing with no-shows since people now have to prepay for their reservation. With this setup, Jennifer and Ann were able to keep the SEO value of their main website and reduce any confusion for loyal, repeat customers. The portal website clearly shows their visitors that they have an additional location and directs them to the correct location where they can easily book online. Everything throughout the process emphasizes which location they are reserving, so there are no misunderstandings.,, and were created in 2018 using the GeneratePress theme and Siteground hosting.

If you are struggling with how to deal with an additional location for your business online, please schedule a 20-minute call to discuss how we can use a similar strategy to maximize the value of your business expansion.