In this video, I’m going to be talking about why an Etsy shop is not a good long-term substitute for your own website.

Let’s get started. As you may already know Etsy does a wonderful job of creating visibility for your business. But a professional website can help you build on those relationships and increase your recurring sales. 

If you’re already using Etsy to demonstrate your products and encourage people to engage with you and your business. You’re off to a great start. 

All I’m suggesting is that you complement your efforts on Etsy with your own website. So that you can solidify those relationships and make more conversions happen.

If they’re used together an Etsy shop and your own website can create a powerful online presence for you and your business. 

Etsy is going to do a great job of attracting your audience and a professional website is going to provide you with a space to demonstrate what your brand has to offer. It will help you deepen engagement and reach all of your sales and marketing goals. 

So you may be wondering, how does a website build on my Etsy shop success? There are six different ways that I see having both an Etsy shop and your own website can help you build your online presence.

The first is Improving Credibility. Businesses with their own websites automatically look more professional and credible. You can look at any of your own experiences with this. If you’ve never heard of a business before, but you see that they have a dedicated website. It immediately makes you see them as more reliable. Because you know they’ve invested in creating a separate presence for themselves, and their business, beyond an Etsy shop or a social media account. 

It can also help Tell Your Story. While Etsy will allow you to publish information in short sections on your shop. A website provides a more expansive forum to communicate why your business is the best choice in a very crowded marketplace. This differentiation drives engagement and conversions. 

Because a carefully crafted environment on your website can help you detail all of your unique offerings. It can explain your pricing or your service options. Highlight your team members or your process. Of course, share more of the reviews and insights from your already happy customers. 

Using this combination will also help you Rank Higher In The Search Engines. Etsy is automatically going to help your search rankings. Because of the massive amount of traffic that it’s going to get. 

But if you have both your Etsy shop and a website dedicated to your organization. That strong connection is going to give the search engines a way to rank you higher. Because they’re going to see that your reputation is solid. It has different places to send people. 

If they know that you’re ranking on Etsy and people love you on Etsy. They see that you have your own website. That’s only going to give you another opportunity for your business to rank high in those search results.

The other benefit of a website is that you get to determine all of the keywords, the terms, the descriptions, and the backlinks on your website. So that you can take advantage of what you know about your industry or your niche. Highlight that you offer those things. 

So it’s going to take someone who’s on Google or any other search engine. Who’s looking for what you have and take them from just a random searcher. To a person who’s engaged with either your Etsy shop or your website and hopefully going to become a new customer. 

It also helps you Stay Connected With Interested People. Etsy does a great job of creating compelling stories about the people who sell on their site. 

But a website helps you tell that story in your own way. One of the ways you can do that is through offering subscriptions to an email newsletter or discount coupons. Or other ways that you can directly stay connected with people who are already interested in what you’re doing. 

This is going to create a valuable list of people who are interested in hearing from you because they gave you their email address. So the communication channel is now under your control and it goes both ways. 

You’re not just waiting for them to come find you or to look for you again. 

You can reach out to them with different promotional campaigns or educational content. 

Anything that you think they might be interested in. The beauty of that is that it’s also going to let you learn more about all of your potential or current customers. 

While Etsy will certainly engage people and give you insights on the audience. Their habits and their preferences when they’re connecting with you through Etsy.

 Website analytics take that to a whole other level. They let you collect data on a bunch of different things about what people do on your site. When they come to visit, how many pages they look at. You know, the route they take through your website. 

You can create targeted marketing based on those behaviors on your website. Then use this knowledge to refine your website. Refine your offers. Refine your business. So that you’re offering the products and services and the features that your website visitors and your customers are looking for.

Finally, it helps you Demonstrate Your Expertise. Etsy offers a way for you to share your expertise and get a lot of attention. But it’s within the confines of their structure. 

When someone clicks through to your website. You’re able to offer them a lot more in-depth expert content. Through your blog posts and videos and all of the other content on your website.

It really does a wonderful job of driving home your authority and helps secure your position as a thought leader in your industry or niche.

All this expert content on your website communicates that you understand your audience’s priorities. It helps you engage people for the long haul.

Helps drive those recurring multiple orders from the same person. Also just connect you in ways that you couldn’t otherwise do on someone else’s marketplace or platform.

I hope this video has been helpful in explaining a little bit more about how you can build on your Etsy foundation that you’ve already built. Take it to the next level to future proof your brand and sell on your own terms.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have or you can also take a look at any of the information that I have on my site.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful day!