WordPress Reading Settings

The Settings > Reading screen is where you decide if you want your blog posts or a static page to be center stage when someone visits your site.

You can also adjust syndication feed features to determine how the information from your website is sent to a web browser or app.

I will go from top to bottom including my recommendations.

Front Page Displays

If you plan on making your blog the main feature of your website, select ‘Your latest posts’ in this section.

If you prefer to have the ‘Home’ page be a static page and your blog posts to be shown as a section of the website, select ‘A static page.’

Since it is likely you have set up any pages yet, you’ll need to create at least two pages to complete these settings.

Here are instructions for creating a quick placeholder page so you complete these settings:

► Click on Pages > Add New.

This will create a new page.

► Enter ‘Home’ (without the quotes) where it says ‘Enter title here.’

► Click on the blue Publish button in the right-hand sidebar (you may have a scroll down to see it).

You will see the page being processed and a ‘Page published. View Page’ notice will appear above the title of the page.

Don’t worry, you can come back and add content later.

► Click the Add New button above the ‘View page’ link.

► Enter ‘Blog’ (without the quotes) where it says ‘Enter title here.’

► Click on the blue Publish button in the right-hand sidebar.

Wait for it to process and show the ‘Page published. View page’ notice before moving on.

► Click on Settings > Reading to take you back to the settings page.

Now that you have these pages set up, select the radio button that says, ‘A static page (select below)’ and then select Home from the Front page drop down menu and Blog from the Posts page drop down menu.

Blog pages show at most

This is the number of blog posts that will be shown, per page, on your website.

I recommend changing it from the default ’10’ to ‘3’ if you plan on showing the full text of your blog posts or ‘6’ if you are going to show a summary (you can make this choice a couple of steps down).

Syndication feeds show the most recent

This is the number of blog posts that will be shown when someone downloads your RSS feed.

I recommend leaving it at the default ’10’ since that will give them a good range to see what kind of topics you cover.

For each article in a feed, show

This is where you tell WordPress how much of each blog post you would like it to show on the blog page.

Choose ‘Full text’ if you want it to include the full content of each post, including images.

Choose ‘Summary’ if you want it to show only a summary of each post.

Search Engine Visibility

This setting gives you the option of discouraging the search engines from indexing your site.

This could be handy if you are working on a demo site or you are not ready for Google to announce your website to the world.

It is not guaranteed so be sure to only include content you don’t mind people finding on your website.

I recommend leaving this unchecked since even though your website might not be ready, it can take Google a long time to actually find it and the longer your website has been active, the more reputable it is to search engines.

Save Changes

The most important part of the page. Make sure you save your changes!

Once you click the button, a confirmation text box will appear at the top of the page telling you that your settings have been saved.

Now you’re ready to go to Settings > Discussion.

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