I recently went into a website that I manage and tried to make some simple text changes. Each time I tried to save the changes by clicking on the Update button, I was taken to the All Posts listings. I had never had this happen before, so I tried some of the tactics that had worked in the past with odd behavior. For example, I tried making changes to different pages, creating a new page and creating a new post. I also deactivated all of the plugins one by one, trying to save a change to a page each time. Nothing worked. So I headed to Google, as we all do.

There I found a listing on the WordPress Support Forum that described the same issue. As I scanned through the thread, I was a bit amused by this person’s tone (he was losing it, as we all sometimes do) but not looking forward to everything they were suggesting. Some of the items I had already tried. One I hadn’t was installing a new theme. I was pretty certain that GeneratePress wasn’t the culprit, but I was willing to try it, so I headed to the Theme menu and got a funky message. That’s when I new things were really wonky.

So instead of going step-by-step through the process like this gentleman did, I decided to see how it was resolved. Shocking, I know. Cutting to the chase is usually my strong suit but in this case I was trying to be thorough.

Turns out it was none of the things from the long list of items people were suggesting. It was an altered php.ini file. What? That couldn’t be it.

Sure enough, when I logged into cpanel, opened up File Manager and went to my wp_content folder. There it was; a back up of my original php.ini file from months ago. I had done the same thing he had – changed the upload amounts. So, I replaced the current file with the backup, went back to my site and attempted to create a new page and save it. It worked.

Relieved but somewhat incredulous that something so simple could make such a big impact – months later! – I could totally relate to crsmith89’s comment:

Amazing how such a little thing, changing one setting, can cripple your site.

I hear ya brother.

Thanks to the wonderful people on the support forum who save us all from hours of frustration. We’re all in this together, so help someone out today who needs it. They’ll be returning the favor soon enough, guaranteed.