Monitoring and Maintenance Services

Knowing that your website is up and running is important to every business but especially important if you do a lot of business through your website. However, monitoring the status of your website or maintaining the theme and plugins is likely the last thing you want to do with your day. That's where I can help.



Maintenance + Monitoring

Kate Freeman CoDirector Center for Releasing

I just wanted to thank you once again for your help last week when our website was hacked.  Though we couldn’t reach our hosting company, we were so thrilled to have your kind and very speedy assistance that helped get the website back up and running immediately, just when we had two email campaigns scheduled.  All those clicks would have been wasted had you not been on our team.

Kate Freeman, Center for Releasing

If you have any questions about monitoring and maintenance that haven't been answered, please email me directly at or call (417) 986-4WEB and I will respond within 24 hours.
Thank you!