Writing Artisan Success Stories That Sell

You’re in the business of solving problems. Right? Right.

Everyone is.

Even artists are in the business of solving problems.

When I’m feeling a bit down, I turn on some music to lighten the mood. Problem solved.

It’s likely you too have already solved many of your customers’ problems with your service or products.

Why not let your future clients know about it?

Including ‘success stories’ on your website benefits both you and your potential customer.

They will appreciate that you are showing them how helpful you have been in the past while helping them decide fairly quickly whether they are a good match for your business.

If the story sounds similar to their situation or the problem they are struggling with, they will be inclined to contact you.

If not, they will move on.

The best part is, it educates your prospective customers in an intuitive way using storytelling – so it conveys a lot of information without it feeling like a ‘hard sell.’

Basically, it’s a short story that describes the problem, the service or product that solved it, and how it specifically benefited your customer.

How to Write a Success Story

Most success stories can be written in three sentences and will include a summary title or headline.

The four things you need to include are:

  • Summary of how your product or service helped the customer (this will become the title or headline)
  • Customer name and description of their problem
  • Description of your product or service, and how it solved the problem
  • Specific benefit the customer now enjoys, thanks to your product or service

Here is an example:

WordPress website helps independent prospect-generating geologist showcase his latest investment opportunities

Jerry Stokes is an independent prospect-generating geologist who was struggling to provide the details of his investment opportunities in a quick and efficient way to his qualified prospects. I helped him solve this problem by creating a 7-page WordPress website where he could post the details and images of the investment opportunities along with an option to download a pdf version of the entire sales package. Jerry now directs qualified prospects to this website so they can quickly access the details and determine if they are interested. All without the delay and cost of sending the materials via FedEx. http://midcongeo.com/ was created in June 2015 using the Credence theme and then redesigned in May 2016 using the GeneratePress theme.

As you can see, writing your success stories should take just a few minutes – so it is definitely worth the effort.

For those just getting started in your business, if you decide to include success stories on your website, make sure you have at least three stories to share.

If you don’t have that many yet, wait.

Less than three makes it seem like you don’t have enough experience and may be a turn off to potential clients.

Bonus Benefit

It’s also a great way of summarizing and remembering your projects so that you can share them easily at networking events. When someone asks, “What do you do?” in addition to explaining your career, you will have recent examples to share that are sure to keep the conversation going.