Hello! I’m Alisha McFarland.

If you want a spectacular website, you’re in the right place!


I have been creating websites since 2000.

Since 2009, I have been exclusively using WordPress.

The GeneratePress theme has been my go-to foundation since 2015.

I have designed websites for a wide range of industries and with varying complexities.

I have helped clients add features and customizations to their websites using HTML, CSS and PHP.

Sometimes, I make sure their website is backed up and their plugins are up-to-date.

Other times, I’m helping them learn how to navigate and use WordPress.

I also love to write website content, so the rest of my time is spent content marketing.

In all my work, I have learned lessons, optimized processes, and developed strategies.

All so I can help YOU craft and maintain a professional WordPress website quickly.

So you can share your creativity, knowledge, and uniqueness with the world faster.

Adapt to change faster.

Make connections faster.

Basically, be the successful human you are meant to be!